Philadelphia residents react to Eagles Superbowl with dignity and class.

♦ By David Le (’18), Eastside Underground (& “Humor”) Editor

Philadelphian Eagle Fans are known for their mild mannered excitement and their civil celebratory nature. After their big Super Bowl win, the streets of Philadelphia were filled with joyous revelers. They cheered and laughed in joy as they clapped politely, making sure to leave all cars, awnings and street lamps intact. Champagne and H’oars Crêp was served to many fans.

There were some bouts of excitement and hype that exceeded the general atmosphere of the celebration. One man climbed on top of a bench and began to sing “Fly Eagles Fly”, but was later chastised by the crowd for causing a ruckus.

An interview with one of the fans demonstrated just how under control the celebration was. “It was great, people were hugging and crying and cheering — with their inside voices of course. Oh sure, there were some fans who acted out and tried flipping over safety cones. But really, that’s just a few people,” Ike-limed Astreetpol said. “We all went home in an orderly fashion at about 10:30 in the evening, however some decided to really push it and stay until 10:35.”

Now with the big parade approaching. We can be sure to expect a large crowd with manners exceeding that of golf crowd excellence. With Philadelphia and the Eagles, one can be sure to expect a quiet yet exciting day on Thursday with some enthusiastically safe celebrations.


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