Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp plans major updates with “semi-real simulations”

♦ By David Le (’18), Eastside Underground (& “Humor”) Editor

In a recent announcement, the popular mobile game: “Animal Crossing”, is predicted to experience another surge in popularity.

It is an example of what many experts call, “useless semi-real” simulation games.

The objective of the game, as a completely sane campsite manager, is to collect and cater to what seems to be a superior race of animals or “villagers”. Players must complete tasks designed to appease their animal overlords, in order to earn materials that can be used to customize the character and decorate the enclosed living space.

Players are also able to interact with others and visit other campsites, of which they can either gloat or envy over the progress of other players.

In addition, developers have also included their own currency in the game, called Leaf Tickets. Nintendo representative, Itsa’mee Mar-rio commented that, “After months of deliberation, we narrowed down possible currency names to dough, cabbage, and green. They were all fine and good, but they were standard. We wanted something different. Honestly, we could have just settled for gems or something, but what animal carries gems around? So we asked ourselves, ‘what sounds like a low-budget Bitcoin?’ And there you have it, the Leaf Ticket was born.”

Many players especially like the game aspects that mimic real life activities.

“I like how Leaf Tickets automatically makes things go faster, basically circumventing all the rules. It’s nice to know that something from real life has gone into the game, like how OUR money can circumvent things in real life, if you get my drift.”

The player can also trade Leaf Tickets for “special event” furniture, which attracts certain animals to the player’s campsite. Previously, the game’s developers used seasonally themed furniture to attract animals. However, in the new “reality update”, they have decided to use furniture that can actually attract animals. Mar-rio explains, “We decided to attach assorted food items to furniture, when we realized animals don’t really care if your table is mahogany or cardboard. The player can now duct tape various food items to their furniture, such as old salmon, bugs, and hay.

One avid Animal Crossing fan described the allure of the mediocre, semi-real tasks. “Collecting berries and plants to appease my animal masters, not to mention using my Leaf Tickets to pay off the debt on my home is just SO entertaining, not to mention satisfying.”

The player is also able to fish and gather fruits, as opposed to being involved with an actual job.

Having experimented with debt on the “home” the player owns, the developers have decided to structure their update around the positive feedback. They claim that the popularity of the game is due to mediocre, semi-real tasks the player performs.

Updates indicate an addition of more realistic tasks in society, such as paying taxes, applying for fishing permits, having permits for keeping exotic animals, and evading local authorities.

A new feature in the game that developers would like to introduce is an actual story line, which would incorporate these mediocre activities.

*Warning: SPOILERS ahead

The storyline as released by Nintendo, will involve the character experiencing a mid-life crisis and deciding to go live in the wild.

However, once the character arrives, he or she will be subject to multiple tasks and actions that must performed for this to happen.

The player will be able to experience daily visits from the IRS, the local park ranger, the police and the other aspects of a simple life in the woods.

After the initial formalities, the normal gameplay will resume. Although, when the player first ventures into town, he or she gets arrested for trespassing and public disturbance, after trying to pass off leaves as actual money.

The character is then subjected to psychological exams where the objective is to try to explain why you obey the animals of the forest and perform tasks to appease them. Which of course, leads to a trip to In-10-Doe mental asylum.

Developers have insinuated that they will expand the storyline further after it’s release. Nintendo expects the new format of the game to attract more players and increase the popularity of the game to “Fidget Spinner Cult status”.

The update is scheduled to be released February 29, 2018.


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